BALLARAT SOUTH COMMUNITY HUB C/- Ballarat Neighborhood Centre Tuppen Drive, Sebastopol Victoria 3356

P:  (03) 5329 3273

Email: admin@ballaratnc.org.au


Hub features

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"To develop a complete community precinct that will meet the life-long learning needs of all members of the neighborhood and make a significant investment in the region's social infrastruc-ture"

- flexible learning spaces and computer labs;
- community meeting rooms;
- a commercial kitchen and kiosk;
- large general purpose function areas which are suitable for conferences and seminars;
- a rehearsal and performance area,
and opens out to provide access to a large open-air space.

The HUB makes it easier for people to :

- Engage in lifelong learning
- Access programs and services that
- support their employment and training goals.
- access support services and engage in ac-tivities that improve their well being.
- access opportunities for community members to improve social skills,
- provides further educational and extracur-ricular opportunities
- provides local youth, and the broader community, with a low cost option to become in involved in many activities.

The Ballarat South Community Hub (BSCH) is an innovative community multi-use facility, which is a part of the Ballarat South Community Learning Precinct. The hub is located from Tuppen Street entrance of Phoenix P-12 Community College senior campus, Hertford Street in Sebastopol, and is a part of the Ballarat South Commmunity Learning Precint. Even though situated on the school site, is a community shared facility and owned by the whole community.

The Ballarat South Community Hub provides facilities for life-long learning, recreation and health and wellbeing, as well as meeting or conference spaces. The $2.4 million Ballarat South Community Hub at the Phoenix P-12 Community College was officially opened on Thursday 18th October 2012 by Ballarat MP Catherine King.

The Community Hub is a great venue for your club meetings, functions, conferences or training seminars.

Lead Tenants:
Ballarat Neighborhood Centre.

Other partners include:

Work Learning Centre - offering coaching, courses and learning opportunities.

Sebastopol Cadets Unit

So come and enjoy learning new skills in a friendly environment